Bullshit bingo with 6 letters

Actually, it’s all awesome: I’ve been back at work since this week (I had taken two weeks “off” because of Easter and the office construction site I have at home) and just when it was starting to get fun with programming and blogging this happens!

Briefly interjected: These blogposts come about because of the book Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson. I read it to double my traffic (and thus my sales) within six months. 3 months are up and I’m far from doubling (for various reasons I’ve mentioned before). Nevertheless, with these so-called “Document. Don’t create” blogposts I keep generating new ideas that I will follow up on. For example, the idea of my own first sales funnel.

Giving vent to anger

I thought long and hard about leaving Envato. Customers told me that I should definitely do it because they hate don’t like Envato and don’t like buying there. Others wrote that a subscription model was almost a must these days. My mastermind buddies suggested I create volume licenses (for the agencies). The latter also only works with leaving Envato.

Despite all the suggestions, I ultimately decided against it. Why? Because Envato is also a big traffic driver. For the 12.5% I have to pay, they not only cover the payment for me, but also provide 50% of the traffic. That is not to be underestimated. At least not at the moment, if I don’t manage to increase my traffic myself. (The question, of course, is whether I can even manage that with blogposts like this one. But that’s another topic).

In my last blogpost I was still angry about the fact that Envato does not manage to update the version number of WordPress over 4 weeks. Now the next boom is coming. And it’s exactly about the topic I mentioned above: volume licenses.

Volume licenses

In the past, a few agencies kept asking me to buy a few more licenses. They asked for a discount, of course. I had to answer: “No way! Envato doesn’t support that”.

Envato’s reaction to this misery: The author should lower the price himself for a short time, so that all agencies can then buy at a lower price. Hm… 🤔

I probably don’t need to mention that we live in 2021 and it’s crazy cool what innovative power e.g. Stripe (a payment service provider) is showing. Hard to compare with Envato. Because here’s the thing: In Envato’s online stores, it’s not even possible to buy multiple licenses at once! No… you have to put the product in the shopping cart 200 times if you want to buy 200 licenses. Sorry, only a GIF fits at this point:

I didn’t notice this until today. Because I myself have only ever purchased a handful of licenses. I became aware of this when I received a request from an agency that wants to buy 200 licenses.

Dear Envato team: These are huge obstacles!

What’s next?

Despite all the bullshit bingo, I’m going to stick to my goals and not leave until June/July for now. After all, I don’t have time for that either, because leaving could set off a whole string of time. Time that I would rather spend on programming the plugin.

By the way, I’m currently working on an ACF integration, which is already very far advanced! Wohoo!