How to generate an image (sub)snippet in global schemas for the main thumbnail

Some Rich Snippets (like the Article snippet) provide an image-attribute. In the early days it was easy: you could just provide an image URL here. However this no longer works as search engines want to see more data. That is the width, the height and the URL of an image. This is how you properly add an image snippet into another snippet:

1. Create or edit a snippet

If you already have a global snippet, open it up. Otherwise just edit an existing one.

2. Add an image property

Scroll down to the “Add new property” row of the snippet table. Start typing “image” and add it to the snippet by clicking it:

Search for the image-attribute

After that, the plugin will load more data so that you can specify what to do with it.

3. Add an image snippet

Now select from the dropdown menu:

Select from the dropdown

The plugin will then load the properties for the ImageObject.

4. Use the main thumbnail

Now fill at least the pre-loaded properties for the ImageObject snippet as outlined in this image:

Fill at leas the above shown properties