How to install the Rich Snippets Plugin.

Installing the plugin is super easy. After you have downloaded the plugin from CodeCanyon or (in case you bought it from me) right from this site, you just need to follow the steps below.


If you have downloaded the CodeCanyon plugin, please unzip the downloaded file on your computer first. In the unzipped file you will find the documentation and another ZIP file (this is the actual plugin).

Uploading the CodeCanyon ZIP file to WordPress otherwise does not work! You have to unzip the CodeCanyon file first and use the second ZIP file which is in the first one!

You can use the second file to upload it to WordPress. Or you can unzip it and follow the steps below:

General installation

  1. Upload the rich-snippets-wordpress plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin through the „Plugins“ menu in WordPress.
  3. Head to the „Rich Snippets“ menu that appears in your WordPress dashboard and click „Activation“. Enter your Envato purchase code end click the big blue „Let’s get started“ button.? If you don’t know where you can find your Envato purchase code, click here.
  4. Then click the „Global Snippets“ menu in your WordPress dashboard to manage global snippets.
  5. Or add your own snippets directly in your blog posts, pages or custom post types.

Quick start

Take the Structured Data Training. It’s free for all customers. It tells you every thing from:

  • What Structured Data is.
  • What Rich Snippets are.
  • How to use SNIP.