Is SNIP compatible with plugin X?

People keep asking me if SNIP is compatible with plugin X, Y and Z. Here is the answer:

First of all: there are thousands of plugins out there and obviously it’s not possible for me to test every single one of it together with SNIP.

It also depends very much what you want to achieve. Here are some use cases:

Official compatibility list

SNIP is officially compatible with WooCommerce and YoastSEO (Free and Pro), WooCommerce and Advanced Custom Fields. Apart from that there is no official support for other plugins. However SNIP works with a wide range of other plugins, too.

Other plugins

Because it depends very much on what you want to achieve and the use cases vary with every customer, here are some hints on how you can achieve certain things.

Post meta

Because SNIP can fetch data from the WordPress’ postmeta database table, a wide range of plugins can be used that write data there. Examples are:

  • PODS
  • The Events Calendar
  • WP Job Manager

All these plugins write data into wp_postmeta table. SNIP can fetch data from there if they are stored in either:

  • as plain text
  • as an array
  • as an object

Learn here more about how to work with custom fields. All you need is the name of the database entries.


SNIP can also fetch data from wp_options table. So if you have any plugins that store data there, you can grab it, too.

A general rule is this: if you want to fetch third party data, ask the developer of the third party plugin how and where data is stored.

Custom code

SNIP is also very developer friendly. That means it can be extended the way you like it. Read more about this on this page: How to add your own field type.