How to make properties overridable multiple times

In version 2.2.0 of the Rich Snippet Plugin for WordPress you’re now able to override certain properties in each post individually. However there is even more: you can setup properties as a “list” which will allow you to override it multiple times. Here is how it works:

Set up a global snippet

Let’s say we’ve set up a new global snippet for a “Recipe” (like we did in here). The recipe snippet typically needs a property called “recipeIngredient”. And as you might know: nearly every recipe has more than just one ingredient.

So what you could do is to just add multiple “recipeIngredient” properties to your global snippet. Let’s say you add it 10 times. If you then mark every property as overridable you are able to add 10 ingredients. However what if you need more than 10 ingredients?

The solution is the “list” option for the property.

Mark the property as “list”

It’s super easy: just select “Text input” from the dropdown menu. Then check both “overridable” and “list” like you can see in the following image:

Check the checkboxes to the right.

Save your settings.

Edit a blog post

Now create a new or edit an existing blogpost that inherits your recipe text. Then click the “Edit Global Snippets Values” or “Edit Global Snippets” (since version 2.4.0) button:

Hit this button to open up the window that allows you to overwrite global snippet values.

In the window, that opens up, select “Recipe” from the left menu. Then you can see the recipeIngredient property as well as its buttons that can be used to copy the property multiple times.

Use the buttons to the right to add and/or remove multiple properties.

Don’t forget to save your settings.