Is SNIP compatible with Yoast SEO?

Yes it is.

Meta fields

SNIP can use the SEO title and SEO description from the settings. Learn more about how you can use Yoast SEO title and description.

Yoast Structured Data Output

With version 11.0 Yoast SEO started to integrate Structured Data, too. However:

  • it’s sometimes incomplete,
  • produce warnings and/or errors
  • their structured data is not extendable without any coding knowledge.

SNIP allows you to completely deactivate Structured Data in Yoast SEO so that you can build your own using SNIPs Structured Data Generator. You cannot modify the structured data from YoastSEO in SNIP.

If you want to use Structured Data from YoastSEO side-by-side with the ones generated by SNIP, you can do that as well. You should make sure that you do not create duplicate Structured Data.