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    We are research journal(scientific magazine which contains multiple articles and published with monthly issues and yearly our volume number changes) publication company.

    We publish Scholarly Articles. Consider a scenario where our wordpress categories (parent child relationship) are made as follows:
    -Journals (wordpress category, publisher organization)
    –IJCST (wordpress category, periodical also means scientific journals)
    —IJCST-C (wordpress category, part of periodical/magazine)
    —-IJCST-C Volume 13. (wordpress category, volumes)
    —–IJCST Volume 13 Issue C9 (wordpress category, issues)
    ——Scholarly Sample Articles (wordpress posts)

    I considered above as:
    IJCST-C will be a Periodical
    IJCST-C Volume 13 will be a
    IJCST Volume 13 Issue C9 will be a
    Scholarly Sample Articles will be

    Now problem is that “IJCST-C”, “IJCST-C Volume 13”, “IJCST Volume 13 Issue C” all are categories.

    SNIP is not allowing to apply different SNIP Schema Templates to these categories.

    How can SNIP differentiate which category is volume, which one is issue (obviously there will be a loop of multiple issues in one volume and there will be multiple volumes in one periodical)?

    Sorry if I am missing something.


    Hey there,
    and thanks for your questions.

    In the rules metabox you can set up a rule like this to target terms from a category:

    Post category is equal to [your category].

    That should do the trick.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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