Structured Data Training Course

This training course is currently in the making. So it’s not yet finished but you can start watching it already. It’s planned to finish it until January 2019.

Why this course exists

Hey there. My name is Florian. I’m developer of SNIP, the Rich Snippets and Structured Data Plugin for WordPress that exists since 2011.

In this course I want to teach all of my customers what Structured Data is, how it affects SEO, why it is super important for the future of any website and how SNIP can be used to get the best results.

I’ve separated the course into several modules. The first one explains the basics of structured data. I’m going through some questions like: what is structured data, why is it important, what do search engines with it and many more.

I describe the techniques of how structured data can be implemented. Here I will guide you through the various formats that exist. In here it gets a little technical. But don’t worry. My customers have asked a lot of questions during the last years so I know exactly where most people struggle. So I’m sure I can you the best description that everyone understands it.

In module 2 I’ll create some Structured Data Types that generate Rich Snippets in Search Results. In the end I’ll explain more advanced topics of the plugin that will make your live a lot easier. For example you can create a so called „global snippet“ that allows you to create one single snippet and use it on multiple posts, pages or custom post types in WordPress.

Sound’s good? Great. Let’s start. I’ll see you in the first lesson!

Module 1

In the first module I want to explain the different terms, like schema type, schema class, rich snippets, etc.
Here it’s also important to understand how Structured Data Works and how you can find the right Schema-Type for your purpose.

Lesson 1: Structured Data in SEO

What is structured data and why is it important?

Cover image for lesson 1: What is Structured Data and why is it important for SEO?

Lesson 2: How Structured Data works

What is and JSON+LD? And how do they work?

Coverimage for lesson 2: how structured data works and what JSON-LD and is

Lesson 3: Schema Types and Properties

How to find the right schema types and properties

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