Plugin Requirements

Of course there are some requirements you should know about:

  • You need a purchase code from Envato for a single domain.
  • The plugin needs an active internet connection to work properly.
  • The plugin needs to be installed on a server that is reachable from the internet (it does not work on localhost).
  • PHP-Version:
    • The plugin needs version 8.0 or higher to run properly.
    • The recommend version of PHP is now 8.0.
    • PHP 8.0 is supported in version > 2.30.4 but not in lower versions of the plugin.
    • PHP 7.3 is supported in version < 2.28.2 but not in newer versions of the plugin.
    • PHP 7.2 is supported in version < 2.19.0 but not in newer versions of the plugin.
    • Any other lower PHP versions do not get updates (source) and are therefore no longer supported in SNIP.
  • You need WordPress 5.0.0 or higher.

Purchase Code and Licensing

Note that you need a purchase code from Envato to a) activate and b) run the plugin properly. If you don’t know where you can find your purchase code, follow this.

Please also note that once the plugin has been activated your purchase code will be bound to the domain where you’re using it. This is because Envato allows to run a license copy on one domain only. If you want to run the plugin on multiple sites, please buy another license.

Internet connection

Note that the plugin needs a permanent internet connection to work properly. This is because schemas and properties need to be pre-processed before they get send to your webserver. So you cannot use the plugin offline or on localhost.

PHP Version

Also note that this plugin only works with PHP 8.x or higher. This is because your site could be faster and more secure with a newer PHP version.

PHP is the programming language that WordPress and this plugin are built on. The version that is currently used for your site is no longer supported. Newer versions of PHP are both faster and more secure.

Hosts have the ability to update your PHP version, but sometimes they don’t dare to do that because they’re afraid they’ll break your site.

To which PHP version should I update?

You should update your PHP version to either 8.0.x or higher.

On a normal WordPress site, switching to PHP 7.x – for example – should never cause issues. We would however actually recommend you switch to PHP 8. There are some plugins that are not ready for PHP 8 though, so do some testing first. Yoast has a pretty good article on how to test whether that’s an option for you here. PHP 8 is much faster than older versions. It’s also the only PHP version still in active development and therefore the better option for your site in the long run.

Can’t update PHP? Ask your host!

If you cannot upgrade your PHP version yourself, you can send an email to your host. Yoast provides some pretty good examples here. If they don’t want to upgrade your PHP version, we would suggest to switch hosts as this could be a real security issue.

Privacy Policy

In order to use this plugin you have to read, understand and agree the privacy policy that you can find here.

This privacy policy has last been updated: 2020-09-15

Privacy Agreement

Due to the fact that I’m a resident of the European Union (EU) I have to inform you about data that could personally identify you as a person and that is collected and used by the Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin and its the backend servers (which are located in the EU as well).

Please read this agreement as well as the privacy policy carefully. If you do not agree with it, you’ll not be able to use the plugin. You therefore agree that I’m allowed to gather and use the following information so that I can make sure that the plugin works the way it should be.

The basis for data processing is Art. 6 (1) (b) DSGVO, which allows the processing of data to fulfill a contract or for measures preliminary to a contract.

Data the plugin sends to

and that could maybe used to identify you as a person.


  • Purchase code (pro version only)
  • Your website URL
  • The IP-Address of your web server

For plugin updates (pro version only):

  • a security code (that is generated uniquely for each plugin-update period)

When a user shares their feature request: (pro version only)

  • The username
  • The content the user has entered

Purchase Code Verification

With every request the plugin sends, we have to make sure you’re allowed to get certain information (if you’re a paid customer). To verify your purchase my server connects to the Envato API to verify your purchase code. With that, Envato returns the following information that could be used to identify you as a person:

  • the Envato username (pro version only)

Stored data (pro version only)

The following data is stored permanently on our servers.


  • purchase code
  • Website URL
  • Envato user name
  • the IP address of your web server

Feature request votings:

  • Envato username

Feature requests:

  • Envato username
  • Comment content of feature request
  • WordPress Version number and WordPress URL
  • IP-Address of the webserver your WordPress site is running on

Right for deletion

Of course you have the right to request the deletion of your data. Please note that you will then not be able to use the plugin any longer. Please use the address found on our imprint page for any requests.