Sales Funnel launched

It almost bothers me a bit that the wheels are turning a bit slower for me at the moment. I have to keep my one-year-old son busy half the day, so I can only work actively for the other half of the day. On the other hand, I also have a lot of fun spending time with him. Nevertheless, it’s really crazy that almost three months have passed since I had the initial idea to create my first sales funnel according to Brunson.

Again, as a reminder, articles like this (in the “Plugin Journey” category) come about because I read the book Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson. He states in his book that there is nothing better than daily blogging. Now I don’t manage to do it daily, but at least twice a week. It is totally ingenious. So far, 30 articles have been published. Maybe one or the other can learn something from it.

Email sequence to help new users

Over the past weeks I have been busy creating an automated email sequence at ConvertKit. It contains six emails. Five emails contain step-by-step instructions on how to set up structured data. The last email is a reminder for the potential client to check their final results on Google.

To summarize again, here’s what’s in the mails:

  1. First email contains a video to teach the user what Structured Data even is.
  2. Second email also contains a video explaining how Structured Data works.
  3. Third e-mail contains first action steps. This is to check if the user is already making use of Structured Data. After all, many WordPress owners don’t even know this yet.
  4. Email number four is about fixing errors.
  5. The second to last email is about setting up the first product schema.
  6. The last email is ultimately a reminder, as described above.

This gives everyone a chance to generate stars in search results on Google. I think this will help a lot of newbies.

I let ConvertKit integrate a popup on my page. It appears after 5 seconds. I want to test the whole thing for two weeks. Maybe I have to display it earlier. Let’s see.

Above you can see the current layout of the popup. Of course it is possible that I change it. But at the moment I like it as it is. A little bit of self-praise is allowed, right? 😉

Currently, people only sign up through my website. As I said, the popup is displayed after 5 seconds. But of course it is still planned to place a Google ad on a landing page yet to be created.

The question I’m currently asking myself is whether ads are the right choice for that. After all, the email series is quite long. So it may be that the lead (from the ad) costs me significantly more than what I earn afterwards. After all, the plugin costs “only” the equivalent of 49 EUR. Of course, the development time has to be financed from this, not just the marketing. Of course I have to pay 12% to Envato as well.

Questions I still ask myself ….

Among the questions that still concern me are:

  • Does an email series like this even work? Is the series perhaps too long?
  • Is the series and the content it contains too complicated? Is there a need for something simpler? If so, what?
  • Does Google advertising bring in leads that convert?

I guess I’ll figure it all out over the next few weeks. As mentioned above, Google advertising gives me a stomach ache. Because I ultimately can’t track whether a user has actually purchased via Envato.

Off topic: What does Envato say?

I had announced that I would contact Envato again, or more precisely the author support to give my frustration a space. However, I have not raised all the things that annoy me. I didn’t want them to think: “Oh man, he seems to be completely against us”. Instead, I focused on the things that went wrong with the agency sale. There were quite a few anyway.

I sent the email yesterday. An answer is still awaited. I’m very curious if anything can be accomplished this way. It would definitely be very cool.

What’s next?

Currently I am working on the ACF integration. Of course I will have to deal with the Google ad in more detail.