Sales-Funnel progress report

I would like to give a very small progress report on my Sales-Funnel. After all, it’s been online for a few days and it’s time to draw a small progress report before I continue with the Google ad.

Maybe one or the other knows that the so-called Sales-Funnels are a thing, which were “invented” by Russell Brunson. I have read his book, Traffic Secrets, which is why these articles exist in the category “Plugin journey“. He actually describes in one chapter that it’s really good to blog daily. And to do it for at least a year (at least for 365 days). I don’t have that much time, but I manage to do it at least twice a week. The brilliant thing is that I’ve been able to collect a lot of feedback this way and new ideas are keep coming up with that. You should definitely read up on it! But now to the actual topic:

Sales Funnel progress report

As announced, I have implemented a sales funnel with ConvertKit. While it’s probably way too early to draw a conclusion, I’m nonetheless interested to see how the numbers are developing (completely without advertising).

The most important thing first: Five people have already signed up. I don’t feel that this has increased the sales figures. I can say that with certainty because I am currently experiencing probably the worst month in years. The sales figures are as low as they have ever been.

I can’t measure the sales figures, as I’ve already suggested several times, because that’s simply not possible via CodeCanyon. But with only five entries that’s not important now. There would have to be at least one more zero (50 users) to be able to draw any conclusion at all.

As a reminder: I have six e-mails sent. This is how the current opening rates look like:

  • Mail 1: 80%
  • Mail 2: 40%
  • Mail 3: 25%
  • Mail 4: 100%
  • Mail 5: 75%
  • Mail 6: 33.3%

I don’t want to interpret too much into these numbers. What’s interesting is that the open rate drops and then suddenly goes back up to 100% at mail 4. Then it drops again.

Here’s the click-through rate as well:

  • Mail 1: 40%
  • Mail 2: 40%
  • Mail 3: 0%
  • Mail 4: 0%
  • Mail 5: 25%
  • Mail 6: 0%

The click rate is of course low. But the fact that it is clicked at all shows that the right people were caught. Otherwise they would not be interested at all.

It is good that all persons without exception received all e-mails until the end. No one unsubscribed from the list beforehand.

What’s next.

What I will definitely do today is to answer the e-mail from Envato. I’ve taken almost a week to do that now. Let’s see what comes out of it. In addition, the creation of a Google ad is still to be done.