Save time and use our SEO-Expert’s

Setup Service

  • Get better search engine visibility.
  • Enhance your technical SEO.
  • Future-proof your site.
  • Let our SEO expert do the work for you.
  • Save time!

Maximum one working hour (see below).

What you get:

  • You book one hour of our SEO expert, who will set up SNIP for you according to your wishes.
  • If you already have the knowledge about the individual schemas, you can tell him which ones to integrate.
  • But you can also leave the decision to the expert. He will then integrate all common schemas for you.
  • We provide a report at the end of the service that shows what schema types were installed along with sample URLs that you can use for verification.

Additional notes:

  • Communication is solely in English.
  • The expert cannot perform any programming tasks for you. If you want to integrate third-party data, you may need to involve a developer (not included in the price).
  • If you need more complex schemas or schemas that are not listed in the search gallery, please ask before you buy. It can take more than just one hour to get everything up and running. We are pleased to be able to give you a short cost estimate beforehand.
  • There is still no guarantee that Google (and other search engines) will display rich search results for your site. It’s always (and always has been) up to them whether and how they display them.
  • We need access to your page as an administrator. Please send us temporary credentials as follows. You can delete that account after we’ve finished our work.
    • Login-URL
    • Username
    • Password
  • We do not support explicit and/or unethical websites. If you purchase and we discover such content, we will cancel the purchase and refund the full amount (excluding transaction fees).
  • It can take around 24 hours to 48 hours to setup the service and this is on working days. It means, when you buy on Friday evening, we’ll make sure that we set everything up by Monday/Tuesday the following week.
  • We cannot do live sessions (via Skype, Zoom, etc.) because it’s not a live training that we sell here. Please take the free Structured Data Course if you want to learn more about Structured Data in general.