What’s new in version 2.14?

Finally I found the time to write the “what’s new” blog post like I did it with the other updates before that.

As you can read on the version history page, version 2.14. brought several new features.


The import- and export-feature can now handle rulesets as well. This was particular important for the PRO version of the plugin (that is coming) soon which comes with a new sync-functionality.

But its not only super nice for PRO users. It also helps you if you import one of the pre-made snippets that you can find on my website. Here is an example Recipe snippet. A new page that lists all these snippets is currently in the making as well.

Pro Version

I’ve also launched the first PRO-Version of the plugin. It’s not available to the public yet but it already brings some nice features:

Sync-Functionality (Pro only)

The sync-functionality allows you to keep structured data in sync with the ones I use on my site. This is interesting because Google and other search engines tend to change things. I think you have better things to do than inform yourself about the changes to structured data, right? If that is the case, the PRO version is right for you.

Setup Wizard (Pro only)

Together with that sync functionality. The Pro-Version comes with Setup Wizard, too. It allows you to setup SNIP in just three steps.

Under the hood

Several bugs were fixed, too. Here are the important ones:


A uninstall-feature was already built-in into SNIP. It worked the WordPress-way. Meaning that you needed to deactivate the plugin and then click the “uninstall” link on the plugin list page. I guess this was not so clear to everyone. So I decided to not go the WordPress-way and therefore added a separate “uninstall” link on the plugins list page.


For developers I added the long awaited hooks documentation.