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    On a theatre-related website

    New to using the plugin – I have Yoast and also Schema pro – neither of which can switch off the
    Woocommerce – as I use woocommerce for EVENTS (in one category).

    Questions… (I currently use Schema pro to add some Wooocommerce products in one category to be ‘Events’ – but can I disable this plugin if SNIPS can do the job?)

    How can I set up using SNIP to have
    1. posts/pages as ARTICLES (I also have reviews of theatre productions which I think should be articles and not ‘reviews’)

    2. Products in one product category (‘Tickets’) to be EVENTS

    3. Products in ‘Dance Direct’ products category to be PRODUCTS

    4. IS there a schema for VENUE? I have some product attributes that are venues (theatres).


    Hey there,
    and thanks for your post. I hope you’re doing well today!

    #1: The best advice is to either use the setup wizard and/or import some of the snippets from here:
    They are pre-configured and all you need to do is check that they suit your needs and/or specify where you want them to appear.

    #2: Create a Global Snippet (Schema Template) for an Event schema and select the products in the “Position” metabox. (More here:

    #3: Setup a Global Snippet for a product (or import this one: and configure the “position” the way you like it.

    #4: Maybe EventVenue (

    Hope that helps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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