Add (priceRange) as property for MoveAction Schema


I hope you’re all fine during the Corona pandemic,

I’m trying to add MoveAction for the woocommerce products and it’s went smoothly (thanks to Florian and the team).

Now when I test the schema using Google structured data testing tool it gives me an error(The priceRange field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.)

I can’t load the priceRange property in the list.

how to fix that??



3 thoughts on “Add (priceRange) as property for MoveAction Schema

  1. Hey there. And thanks for asking. We’re doing well since we all working online 😉 Hope you’re doing well in this situation, too.

    The does not have an attribute called priceRange. So I doubt that the error belongs to that schema.
    Can it be, that it comes from a sub-schema? Maybe you can share an URL to the page where you’ve added this schema.


  2. Hey there
    Working on your own website is always a good idea 😉

    No, there is no error but the Test Tool currently only shows errors for the schemas that show a Rich Snippet in search results (or are listed on Googles reference page).

    I would recommend to use any type of Of course, depending on what you want to achieve. This schema (or one of its child schemas) can have a property called “offers”, which can have a price.

    Plus: You can add the MoveAction into a Service as well.

    Hope that helps.

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