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  1. Copy snippets from one page/post to another one.

    We are offering services and we use the same set of structured data properties with only slightly changing values for a number of pages. Copy function would really speed up the process.
    Instead of the copy function a window showing the code created by the plugin would also be great if you could copy/paste code in this window.

    1. I’m not quite sure what you mean. If you build a global snippet you can mark some of the properties “overridable” which allows you to (as the name suggets) to overwrite certain values within each post.

  2. Please, do not get rid of Shortcodes. Global Snippets is way to difficult to use. Shortcodes corresponds with the syntax on schema.org. It is logical. Global Snippets is not.

    1. Sorry mate. The decision to remove/replace the old plugin version (that used shortcodes) has been made months ago. If you prefer to use the old plugin, please go for it. Obviously there will no more updates to it. Please make yourself familiar with global snippets. If you find it to difficult, please let us know what exactly makes it difficult to use so that I can make the plugin even better.

    1. In most cases Featured Snippets have nothing to with schema.org syntax. It’s a standalone-feature from search engines and – as far as I know – there is no way to “generate” them.

  3. [Note by Flo:]
    An easier way to copy snippets from post to post.

    [Original request:]
    Ability to save global snippets like ‘person’ for example.

    1) I create custom schema for every post – but every time I have to create all the fields for person

    2) Would be great if we could just click on person – then also select a saved person with all of the attributes already applied.


  4. Pls add ‘Blogposting’ as a common hierarchy. Although article is there – technically ‘Blogposting’ should be used in a lot of situations as well.


    1. “validFrom” is part of the property-list of the Offer schema and can be added out of the box (by searching for the property). “availabilityFrom” is not a property that exists at the moment. I guess you meant “availability”.

  5. Feature request: Add ability for import setting from “WP Schema Pro” ;
    (I have a custom field made by wp schema pro for fake rating;
    more than 2700 product with fake rating value)

  6. [Note by Flo:]
    Allow to target sub-categories in rulesets.

    [Original request:]

    Hi, I have one issue. It doesn’t selecting sub-categories when I select the parent category.

    Can you please guide me on this… How can I show schema to all subcategories of a parent category? I have 100s of subcategories for each category. Manual selection is almost impossible.

    Something like this can be really helpful.

    Option of All singulars from the ancestral category.



  7. WooCommerce : Important! Make Product Categories and Product Archives available for Fields and Filters. It’s impossible to have rich snippets available on Product-Archive pages and/or build Breadcrumbs without this!

  8. Add a number (just for info) when using the + button in ingredient and instructions. If I have four ingredient, then new box number have to start with (2). And (3) and (4). Same with instructions. Then I know all is similar.

    1. There is an easy solution to that: just enter multiple “image” properties to a snippet. They will get merged together. If one is empty there is still one left. If you’re using Global Snippets you can add a static image this way.

  9. It will be great if the plugin can have an import and export feature for the existing global snippets feature, so it will be easier to recreate the settings on multiple websites.

  10. Google Structured Data Tool produces an error if there is no thumbnail image on a blog post that has an Article-Schema: To fix this it would be good to allow setting up a fallback image and/or search for the first image found in a post.

  11. [Note from Flo: Delete sub-schemas when all properties are empty.]

    Hi, I’m an ACF Pro user and I’m getting data from my own Metabox. A problem in this regard. If my custom field is empty, rich snippets will not work, so the page will not be added to the source code. This feature is really nice.


    I want to snippet a movie, a person. When I do this with ACF, the result is successful. I have 4 director areas, but since there are no 4 directors in each film, the other 3 areas are sometimes empty. These custom fields should not appear in the page source code when they are empty. If the custom field is blank when person is selected, the person tag appears in the page source. In the Google Richsnippets test, this field is empty, giving error.

    My Article : http://prntscr.com/nfvhu8
    Google Rich Snippets Test: http://prntscr.com/nfvhcy
    My View Source Code: http://prntscr.com/nfvio1

    If person doesn’t have a value, I want this field not to appear. The other snippets are valid, but it seems that field is selected here, unfortunately because Person.

    If the content of the person is empty, can you write a code like showing the person?

  12. Hallo Flo,
    ich habe nicht alle Feature Request gelesen, daher gibt es vielleicht meine Anregung schon. Ich fände es super, wenn ich mir ein Gerüst, also eine Vorlage bauen könnte, damit ich diese dann in Post einfach einfügen kann und dann dementsprechend mit Daten füllen könnte. Ganz speziell in meinem Fall sind das Videos, die viele weitere Untertypen haben und ich mir die immer mühsam heraussuchen muss. Einmal heraussuchen und als meine Vorlage speichern wäre super….. vielleicht gibt es diese Möglichkeit ja sogar.
    Vielen Dank und Grüße aus Frankfurt/M

  13. Plugin is too complicated, and takes too much time to setup and not sure even after checking all the videos how it works correctly.

    Make an Auto config and make a really easy go-to setup

    1. Thanks for your comment. However this is not a feature request 😉 What could I do to make things better? What is too complicated for you? What would you like to achieve?

  14. When we put things in the schema they should also be visible on the page on the principle we should make invisible things in the webpage. Refering to the FAQpage now, in the schema the answer should be a short paragraph while inside the page content things can look much more complicated. Is it safe to just summarize the answer in the schema thus leaving a piece of content (the summarized answer) only visible for the bots? Should we print also the FAQ summary on the page to mirror the schema input?

    If we should, then a shortcode that would allow easy printing on page of whatever schema we defined with the plugin would be a nice addition

  15. [Note from Flo: Provide a list of possible meta values]

    All global custom and dynamic attributes should be available in dropdown. It’s about missing GTIN numbers which are not available in WooCommerce but can be added by using special plugins. This plugins are generating attributes to save this GTIN value in the product variation itself. The actual possibility to add GTIN is wrong and not working for product variations – every variation is using the same GTIN and google don’t like this false information. It’s necessary to choose this global attributes to get the correct GTIN number into the product variantion snipped like sku, price or description.

  16. Allow to re-order schema-properties. [Note: This would be for convenience only, as the official Schema.org and JSON+LD specification does not support sorting for normal properties).

  17. It would be great if completed (existing) snippets would load faster. It can sometimes take up to 1min. to load them. Perhaps having these lazy-load after the post/page has loaded so the access, when needed, will be fast.

    Thanks for the consideration!

    1. You can do that easily by just adding another (a second) image property. So if in case the first is empty you always get the second one.

  18. Snippets sharing feature between plug-in users.
    I believe that the default Global Snippets alone isn’t enough. As much as being a great plug-in, it could be quite difficult to use for a beginner user like me. I wish there would be a feature or a forum that could be used to share Snippets between the users.

  19. Default values for global snippets, these are ignored if there is non empty field value.
    Ie brand, if the value is empty, it will use the specified default of “my-brand-name”
    if there field value contains the brand app, the default value is ignord.

  20. Improved UX / Design of menu / snippet creation: Much more condensed view to get a better overview. Currently too many lines and open/close functions per value. Better: kind of hierarchical tree view.

  21. Better node implementation.
    I would like to be able to dynamically reference the @id schema on other URLs. For example, have the Product lists on archive pages reference the products themselves within the list items to not repeat the whole product schema on the archive pages.

  22. Would like to see a copy function. For example in JobPosting, there is the tree: Joblocation > Place > Address > PostalAddress > (then together) AddressCountry, AddressLocality, PostalCode, AddressRegion.

    In JobPosting there are more Locations possible. If I need to fill then automatically I need to remake the Tree time after time for sometimes 20 locations in a snippet. There is a possibility to do it for every vacancy every time with list, but them it is not automatically filled with data from for example pods fields.

  23. Drag and drop within snippets
    It is not possible to rearrange / sortorder snippets. Once made never possible anymore. Would love to see a drag and drop functionality to make that possible

    1. Hi there and thanks for your feature request. I’m not quite sure what you mean exactly by that, but I think you mean to rearrange Sema properties, right? If that is the case please note to come off that rearranging of properties is not supported by the underlying JSON-LD specification. This means that it does not make any sense to allow re-ordering of properties.

  24. some other schema plugins if YouTube video detect in the post automatically generated video object schema markup and adding the structured data. example:- “schema & structured data for wp & amp” plugin.

    please make that youtube api option in rich-snippets

  25. The opportunity to import Json-l and to have the corresponding field automatically generated (for example hand-written json-ld, examples from the web, scraped schema from other sites like RankMath do…).
    The opportunity to Import a snippet of code on a single page level to append to the main schema Type (I coded an app to extract entities from an URL/text and generates the corresponding about and mentions properties (with name, description scraped from Wikipedia, sameAs to the wikidata and Wikipedia pages and I’d love to directly import it on the corresponding pages)
    [See Ticket 863]

  26. For mobile applications and web applications, Google also supports MobileApplication and WebApplication .

    Google doesn’t show a rich result for Software Apps that only have the VideoGame type. To make sure that your Software App is eligible for display as a rich result, co-type the VideoGame type with another type. For example:

    “@context”: “https://schema.org”,
    “@type”: [“VideoGame”, “MobileApplication”],

    The current SNIP plugin cannot list more than one @type on the schema.

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