Cannot find the pre-defined global structured data

Hello Flow,

I went to the global structured data and I am not able to find your pre-defined ones, nor can I find a button to install them under the settings of SNIP. Can you direct me how I can install them?

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P.S. Great training initiative!

One thought on “Cannot find the pre-defined global structured data

  1. Hey Gil,
    that’s weird. Do you have a plugin installed that suppresses admin notices? If yes, maybe you can deactivate it till you’ve pressed the button on the Global Snippets screen that asks you if you want to install the pre-defined snippets.

    If that notice has been clicked once, the button appears on the settings page as well.

    If that’s too complicated, you can also just import the Global Snippets from this page. This is a bit fussy, because you have to import all snippets one by one, but at least it works. 😉


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