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Hello Florian, just got your SNIP plugin and I am setting it up to work with WooCommerce. For the Global Snippet “product” I have added “material” from the schema list. In the products i have a custom attribute for “Quality” which is the material that the product is made of, like “silk” “cotton”. Now I want to have the global snippet het the value from this attribute so that the shopmanager doesn’t have to do this for every single product. But the SNIP plugin only lets me input a “value”, like “cotton”, not the name of the attribute like “quality”

see the screenshots here:



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  1. Hey André,

    and thanks for your comment. You should enter the name of the attribute in the “Field value” textarea so that SNIP know which attribute to use.

    Hope that helps 😉

  2. Ok, that was easy. And quick. And it works, “cotton” immediately shows up in the results. 2 more quick questions (if that is allowed):

    In the data tester, I get several results, one with “product-product i.d.” added after the url and one wiht #product. see:
    Some have errors, some not. What gives?

    In my dashboard under “Global Snipperts” some are draft, some ar published. I do not remember publishing any other than “products”. Also, in settings i only checked the “products” post type. Do I need other global snippets, like productcarrousel, to be published?


  3. It seems that you have more than one schema for a Product on your site. Maybe because from other plugins and/or the theme. Check out the following page: How can I remove duplicate Structured Data?

    Yes, that’s it. I looked into the source and I see three snippets. Two for products and one for organization. The site uses a “multicurrency” plugin that shows fixed prices in USD for the US, based on geotargeting.

    In the source I see one snippet with prices in EURO and one with prices in USD. But they are not exactly the same, the second is missing the brand.

    I will look into your link and see what that brings.

    Thanks so far


  4. OK solved.

    It was an itemscope attribute in the single product template that caused the double and incomplete snippet.

    Now I have the products-woo and the organization snippet in place and it works perfectly. I will maybe ads an extra attribute in WooCommerce so we can tell that it is a “scarf” or a “dress” by using the “additionalProperty”.

    Learned a lot about rich snippets today, by watching video’s and using the plugin.

    Thanks a lot


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