How to setup a repeatable property on a global snippet


My goal is to show several languages that a person can speak coming from taxonomy called Languages and of course, using a global snippet (override by post is not an option).

Until now I not able to achieve this:

  1. I tried to show values coming from a taxonomy by selecting –> nothing appears
  2. Using a custom field and adding the knowslanguage property twice¬† –> only one language appears
  3. Using a custom field, adding the knowslanguage property twice and manually overriding the post –> it works! But I cannot use this as I expect to have thousands¬†

How can I make this work with the taxonomy (option 1)?

This documentation doesn’t seem to apply for this case.


One thought on “How to setup a repeatable property on a global snippet

  1. Hey there again,
    so you’re having a custom taxonomy called “languages” and you’ve chosen “Comma separated list of languages” but it appears that only one taxonomy is showing up. Is that correct?

    I’ve tried this locally by using the Custom Post Type UI plugin. I’ve created a custom taxonomy for posts, added some languages to a post and I always get a comma separated list.

    Maybe you can tell me a little more what exactly you’re doing.

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