Some questions about Structured Data in reviews


So, a lot of things seem to work, just 3 warnings from google: 

1: aggreagreRating, so I set this to WordPress ratings (reviews). I have no reviews yet on my products, so I guess this will come 

2: review , this one is also set to WordPress ratings (reviews). As I don’t have any reviews yet, this will probably solve itself.

3: no text, just an orange warning sign with no label next to it, which says “a general ID for this product (like isbn, mpn or gtin) Is missing. Check the documentation for a valid ID.

So that last point bothers me, I’ve tried setting the gtin13 to this, as well as the SKU, but this does not seem to resolve itself.

And the last question: some other plugins also create some fields in my product pages, is that a concern (they are listed twice, on the google tool, first “organisation”, then “breadcrumblist”, then “itemlist” and then “product”. When you click on “product”, it shows 2 times the same information). I don’t know if that is a concern 🙂 ? 

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One thought on “Some questions about Structured Data in reviews

  1. Hey Collin,
    and thanks for your questions. I hope you’re doing well today.

    I don’t know which pages you’re talking about so I cannot test and therefore just guess what could be wrong:

    To 1)
    WordPress does hot have a rating system. So it maybe that you’re using a third party plugin here? What kind of error do you get?

    To 2) Same as above.

    To 3) For a product schema, Google wants you to add any kind of property that can identify a product. If you can add one of those properties: add it. If it’s not there, it’s not wrong. That’s why you just get an orange warning (instead of a red error).

    To your last question:
    It’s better to only have one schema of the same type on a page. So if possible I would deactivate schema creation of all other plugins.

    Hope that helps 😉


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