Upgrading to Version 2.20.0 deactivated pro-plugin and on reactivation now only free version?

This is weird.

Sequence of events:

1. Updated plugin to 2.20.0 (I think from 2.17.0) from wordpress plugin page

2. Update happened ok but snip was deactivated

3. On reactivation (through wordpress plugin page) snip was reactivated

4. Snip is not generating any mircodata even after cache clearing etc

5. Looks like it thinks the plugin is the free version and not the paid for version.

6. On the snip activation tab is does state “Your copy is active.”


1) Why is snip now broken with no schema metadata being created and why did the plugin on upgrade automatically deactivate?

2) How can you tell if free/pro version of the plugin?

3) Where can you see license code in the plugin? 

Any help appreciated,

2 thoughts on “Upgrading to Version 2.20.0 deactivated pro-plugin and on reactivation now only free version?

  1. Hey there,
    and thanks for your comment.

    Yeah, that sounds really weird. I’ve dug deep into the code and found out that WordPress seems to give priority to the version on wordpress.org for any plugin updates. So I guess you got the free plugin as the update.

    Please download the latest version from CodeCanyon and overwrite it with the one that you have on your server. Do not uninstall the plugin (otherwise all data will be lost).

    No data will be lost just because you switched to the free version. So if you roll back to the PRO version everything should be normal. You may be reactivate the plugin with your license code.

    Sorry for that.

  2. Here are some more notes:
    If anyone else updated to the free version accidentally:

    1. Download version 2.20.0 (or later) from Envato
    2. Upload the latest version to your WordPress site by following this installation guide
    3. Delete the folder wp-content/plugins/snip-structured-data/ on your webspace


    Please do not run the uninstall routine via the uinstall-link on the plugins screen. This would delete all data. Make a backup (just in case).

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