Your rating value was out of the provided range.

Hi Florian!

Thank you for your great work. 

I have a product that runs a error on the Google schema test, it gives me Your rating value was out of the provided range

however I have a 5 star rating, it’s displayed on google as a 1 star rating 🙁


I initially just activated the pre installed global snips for woo products ‘out of the box’.

Here is the link to the product:

By the way, it could be useful to be able to attached a screen shot.

Thank you very much any insight would be very appreciated.


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  1. Thank you for your quick reply.

    The error is still there… It’s via the google schema test tool.
    Can I send you a screen shot?
    It shows me this:

    Then I get a ‘X’ error mark with this message:
    Your rating value was out of the provided range.

    This error shows on all the products that have only 1 review.
    All other products with many review work fine.
    Can you please help me fix this?

    In the global snippets under ‘woo commerce product’ snip (your pre-installed one)
    I have aggregateRating: WooCommerce: Product Review Rating

    There are other options there to choose;
    ‘Woocommerce product rating’
    and ‘5 star rating’

    What is the difference? / maybe a other option would work better?

    Any help will be very appreciated.



    1. Hey Ben,
      the difference is that the “WooCommerce: Product Review Rating” returns the “reviewCount” property. Whereas the other one returns the “ratingCount”.

      The errors appears because the ratingValue = 0. However the worstRating value = 1. So it was defined that it can’t be 0.

      There must be something wrong with your ratings. WooCommerce’ internal rating system doesn’t allow zero ratings, does it?

      By re-checking the site I saw that it worked now?

  2. Hi Florian,

    Thank you for the reply and details.

    Now it’s working fine thank you.

    I have some issue with the products of 1 star not being ‘updated’ correctly for some strange reason. Basically how I am fixing this is, going to each product with error, and then going to it’s review post, pressing ‘edit’ or ‘quick edit’ and then pressing ‘update’ for the review, then ‘update’ for the product itself. Then recheck it on google schema test tool and it’s good.

    Any idea how I can mass do this to my products, it’s taking ages to go one by one 🙁

    Any insights would be highly appreciated.

    Good day,


  3. Hey Ben,
    sorry for my late response.

    God to hear that it’s working now.

    Sounds like a weird issue. Did you try to de-activate SNIPs internal caching (from the settings page)?


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