Setup Wizard Prototype 3.0 – for more plugin traffic

It’s time to take another look at the current state of my setup wizard. Prototype 3.0.

As a reminder, the free version of my Structured Data and Schema plugin for WordPress is part of my traffic strategy. It’s meant to attract more users who will then convert into buyers.

The articles in the category “Plugin Journey” are created because of the book “Traffic Secrets” by Russell Brunson. He wrote in his book that you should share the ” progress of the product” with your website users. And that’s exactly what I’m doing here.

I admit: after all, it’s super interesting (even for myself) to learn what’s going on internally at a company. I may only be a “one-man show”, but if I can show how much commitment goes into this project, I’ve already succeeded! 😉

Current status of the setup wizard.

In my last video, I showed how to go through the setup wizard. It was very close to the current Global Snippets setup wizard. Why not? After all, it serves its purpose.

But what I want to achieve is that all users (but especially total beginners) get a benefit very quickly. That in turn should make them excited about the free plugin, which in turn should make them buy the PRO version.

Anyway. Here’s the latest video:

Personal Branding

As you can see, the layout has changed a bit. In terms of design, I took my cue from Neil Patel’s website, who also keeps popping up with his face in various places. Why not? After all, one is one’s own brand. For this purpose I did create speech bubbles out of the headlines.

This is to show the user that it is not the assistant, but me personally who guides them through the process.

More granular target group

I’ve written about my target audience before. Thinking about it again, I have now found one more in-between target group. So there would be three in total:

  1. The pros.
  2. The beginners.
  3. And the ones who have heard of structured data before, but still need help.

Sales Funnel

My wizard is ultimately written for target group number 3. But everyone else should benefit from it as well. For target group number 1, the wizard helps them because they get results faster. For target group number 2 I want to build a kind of sales funnel. I.e. I will try to get them into an email list where they learn what structured data is. This is also in line with the idea one of my clients shared with me.

Adding schema properties.

As I wrote in the last prototype post, I want to skip all the steps that are not really interesting. I have successfully implemented that. It wasn’t so easy, because it also required changes on the side of the website, but what doesn’t one do to make everything as perfect as possible?

Now I only test if a schema property absolutely needs a manual input. E.g. the name of a company in the name property of the Organization schema.

Completing the rule set

I can’t avoid asking users where they want to show certain schemas. Especially for schemas like the JobPosting. That’s why the post type selection appears in the video above. But even this step is skipped if it is not necessary.


So I am satisfied. Almost everything I had set out to do in the previous prototype article, I have now implemented. 🥳 There is only one thing missing:

  • The form for the absolute beginners.

Beyond that, the wizard already looks quite final, but there is still some work to be done under the hood. Currently, for example, the changes to the rules are not yet finally included in the schema generation. But this will be done. Hopefully I can finalize the whole thing within the next two weeks. Why not faster? As I wrote in the initial article for this series, I share the raising of our son with my wife. Therefore, I can only work part-time at the moment, but I think I’m making good progress with the overall project anyway.

Summarizing todos are:

  • Form for absolute beginners.
    • Along with that, of course, setting up the sales funnel.
  • Establishing the functionality of the wizard.
  • Integration into the plugin.

Next steps

By the way, my sales have recovered really well. At least that’s how it looks like. The traffic has increased a bit and so have my sales. They should be at the level of November 2020. More about this in the next article!