Implementing Sitelinks Search Box

Hi Flow,

I have tried to implement Sitelinks Search Box using the SNIP plugin (see screenshot at: The code that is developed is as follows: and the test results of the Google Rich Results Test indicates that I am missing the query-input field ( 

Can you tell me why Google does not recognize the field?



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  1. I ended up implementing the supplied Global snippet and it does show up and Google is happy with the syntax, but the target URL is not listed correctly in the code generated ( I selected in the global snippel in the URL: Search URL with search term place holder.

    The target should be “{search_term_string}&sort=nearby” instead of “https:\/\/{search_term_string}”. Thus, I have altered the global snippet so that the URL can be overridden, assuming that I will be able to change the URL for every specific page that has the sitelinks search box included.

    Then, I went to the specific page that I want to change the URL. Clicked on the edit global snippet. Selected Sitelink searchbox global snippet and received the URL field(see screenshot:, but it does not allow me to edit the URL or replace it with my suggested URL.

    Can you explain whether I am doing something wrong or would you suggest a different way of changing the URL?



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