Can I get a discount?

From time to time people are asking for a discount. To make it short: I’m afraid I can’t offer you any discounts due to technical reasons. Read on to learn more about this.

I’m an exclusive author at CodeCanyon. That means that I sell plugins only on CodeCanyon to get a higher commission rate. Envato (the company behind CodeCanyon) kind of forces us to this because otherwise the commission rate would be super small and not profitable for many.

Since I am bound by their rules, I cannot offer individual discounts, as it is simply not technically possible. As you can read on the post How does licensing work? at this point in time it’s necessary that have one license code per domain. It’s different if you have a WordPress multisite running (but for this read the above linked blog post).

Due to the fact that I’m an exclusive author I cannot sell the plugin elsewhere.

The solution #1

So what I currently do is to reduce the price of the plugin from time to time over a few days. I always notify my customers about this via email (if they’re signed up to the newsletter, see below).

That means: if you want to be notified about any special offers, make sure you’re in:

The solution #2

I’m working on a version of SNIP that differs from the one from CodeCanyon. That would allow me to sell the plugin directly on my site. However this takes time and I guess it’ll be the beginning of 2020 till I have something ready.

Just sign up to the newsletter (above) if you want to get notified when it’s ready.

Update: I was in contact with Envato about this and it seems that I am not allowed to distribute another version via my own website. So I stick to solution 1 for now.