Corona Sale

Some of you already got an email from me saying that SNIP is currently on SALE. Here is why:

I guess everyone already knows that the virus COVID-19 is currently around destroying our public lives. The best thing you can do right now is to stay at home until everything is under control.

What should you do at home? Of course you should prepare for the day when the crisis is over. And this day will definitely come! Nope, the world will not end! 😉

Work in your website and make it even better! SNIP is a plugin that allows you to add Structured Data to a WordPress site. It’s part of technical SEO.

Technical? Yes. All that stuff is very technical. To make your first steps better I also provided a free structured data course that you can take right now. Yes, it’s free and you don’t need to register anywhere.

Existing customers:

This is also the time for all existing customers to buy another license or two if you need them. If you’re an agency: should buy now as the price of the plugin will never be that low!