How to Exclude Structured Data on certain Posts

Of course you can exclude Structured Data on certain posts (pages and custom post types), too. It’s super easy (see down below). However I would not recommend to use this functionality very often as it messes up your ruleset-metabox and therefore it quickly gets very complicated.

It’s okay to use this functionality for just one or two posts, pages or custom post types. Instead, I would recommend to work with categories or tags, meaning that you should exclude posts that have been attached to a certain category or tag. In most cases this is much easier. Anyway, here is the how-to:

How to exclude:

  1. Go to the “Global Snippets” menu and and edit a single Global Snippet.
  2. Scroll down to the “Position” metabox
  3. Set up a new rule by click the “and” button.
  4. Select “Post is not equal to {your post}” where {your post} is the post you wan to exclude.
  5. After start typing SNIP will load all posts, pages or custom post types with that name. You can then select the one post you want.
A single rule that says "Post is not equal to {the post}".