How many rich snippets can be displayed simultaneously?

I’ve got a new pre-sales question from Tobe. He asked what the maximum Rich Snippets are that can be displayed at the same time. In this post you can find the answer.

The short answer is: Only one Rich Snippet can be displayed at a time.

The long answer is: The search engines (Google) decides which one they display and how it looks like. As you may know from search engines (especially Google), they play a lot with their search results. So it may be that some can see a Rich Snippet that another one does not see.

Does it make sense to display multiple Schemas at all?

Yes it does. As you may know from my other blog post: it’s possible to build complex structured data with multiple schemas. However you need to work with the mainEntity and/or mainEntityOfPage properties to show search engines with one is the main thing you want to show.

A general rule of the web is that one page should be about one topic. If you cover multiple topics on the same page you do something wrong.

For example if you write a review and include recipes, you need to decide what the main entity is: is it the review or is it the recipe?