What does “In Sync” mean?

I plan to integrate a “sync functionality”. In this article you can read how I envisage the function in the future.

How I imagine it could be:

  • The sync functionality should keep all the predefined snippets (that are shipped with the plugin) ins sync with the main site. This is to ensure that the snippets on the user side are always up to date.
  • There will not be a sync-feature for self-configured snippets. However I’m thinking about a “community” feature that allows someone to maintain a global snippet that others can install, too!

Why is there a need for syncing?

First, Structured Data is very technical and I can understand that it’s difficult for non-techies to integrate. In the past I’ve tried to make everything a lot easier for users:

Second, Google and other search engines constantly changing things. There are two problems here:

  • Structured Data breaks because of the changes by search engines. The users don’t recognize this immediately.
  • Users don’t stay up-to-date regarding Structured Data. So they don’t know that there are changes they need to react to.

Third, Structured Data becomes more and more important for technical SEO. They’re here for many years and they’re not going anywhere. I guess it will be the other way around: more and new Structured Data will pop up in the future and it’s important for users to enjoy the benefit of using those new snippets.

When will the functionality be available?

I plan to integrate this functionality during 2019. There is currently no exact time frame but work should start, soon.

How much would it cost?

I don’t have a exact amount in mind as it also depends on how complex this functionality is in the end. What I can say for sure is that this will not be a one-time-payment as a sync-functionality assumes that a person observes what is changing in the world of structured data.

Where can I express interest?

Once the functionality is available I will inform the readers of SNIPs mailing list. Of course with an offer that you cannot refuse! 😉

If you’re not in the mailing list already, please sign-up now using the below form: