What’s new in version 2.6?

Another month went by and I’ve worked very hard to ship the next version. This was particular difficult for me because I haven’t got a lot of time to work on the code itself.

2.7 Preview: the video training

The reason for this is that I’m currently working on a new video training course for Rich Snippets and Structured Data. I’ve made real good process creating them but – as you may imagine – it’s a whole lot of work to do.

Changes in 2.6

Beside that I’ve updated the plugin to version 2.6 which now allows you to add a product review rating for WooCommerce. Pre-2.6. only allowed one to add a “normal” review rating.

It’s now also possible to link a Thing directly to something. This is necessary for Breadcrumbs to work properly because theĀ item-property of the ListItem normally needs a Thing but Google wants to see a link here.

Another fix, that was in the pipeline for a long time, was the issue that the plugin did not upgrade itself when someone used the WP-CLI.