What’s new in 2.24?

Yesterday I was able to update SNIP to it’s latest version: 2.24! What’s new in that version?

A lot of things were going on lately, including my frustration with CodeCanyon. Anyway I’m happy to tell that I’ve successfully sold a 200-license packages to a company which enables me to work on SNIP even more! 🥳

Advanced Custom Fields support

As mentioned in my Plugin Journey Blog Posts I’ve focused on getting SNIP compatible with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). And this is now real.

The first part has been done: All Basic, Relational and jQuery fields are now ready and can be used with the new field type called “ACF Field”. Find out more in the documentation.

The next step will be to include repeater fields.

What’s up next?

  • As mentioned above, I’ll focus on getting repeater fields into SNIP. This means that you will be able to use repeater fields in a loop.
  • Beside that I’ve three other focus points:
  1. An automatic review report when there are errors in a snippet.
  2. An easier way to copy snippets from post to post.
  3. A better support for data types.