What’s new in version 2.8?

I just pushed out an update to version 2.8 which has gained a lot of new features! Let’s have a look!

Loop through items

Probably the best feature in version 2.8 is the looping-functionality. It allows a schema-property to iterate through a certain query (like categories). This is particular interesting for any kind of List Schemas.

Read more about this new feature here.

Several new fields have been added:

  • Search URL
  • Search URL with placeholder
  • Term URL
  • Term title
  • Sequential Numbers

New examples

Read more about predefined global snippets here.

  • Sitelink Searchbox
  • Breadcrumbs for posts, Breadcrumbs for pages, Carousel for archive- and search-pages
  • Breadcrumbs for pages
  • Carousel for Product Archive pages (WooCommerce)
  • Carousel for Frontpage, Posts-Page, Search-Page & Archive pages

New rules

It’s now possible to target archive pages and the search page.

New filters and actions

For developers I’ve added some new Filters and Actions:

  • Filters:
    • wpb_rs/cache/rule_{post_id}
    • wpbuddy/rich_snippets/fields/loop_subselect/values
    • wpbuddy/rich_snippets/fields/loop_subselect/options
  • Actions:
    • wpbuddy/rich_snippets/save_snippet
    • wpbuddy/rich_snippets/clear_call_cache


Of course there have been fixes, too. Read more about it on the version history page.