What’s new in version 2.3?

Yey. I’m so happy to announce that version 2.3. of the Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin has been released yesterday. And: it has already been checked by CodeCanyon so that everyone can grab it now.

What’s new?

As you can read on the support page:

  • I’ve tried to make the creation of snippets a litle more user friendly by hiding sub-snippets in the first place. One can now open sub-snippets by clicking the “edit” link. The left column has gone, too. So the whole snippet table should no longer overlap with the right metaboxes.
  • You have now access to all schema.org extensions. This also includes pending drafts schemas so that one can make usage of schema.org data for paywall content.
  • For me one of my favourite functionalities: Feature Requests can now be sent directly within the plugin. Currently users send their ideas to me. Now it’s possible to make them public and rate them, too.
  • Also new: The FAQ area from the rich-snipptes.io website can now be searched right within the plugin. Hopefully one can find help much easier now.
  • Last but not least: I’ve made the plugin compliant to the latest EU privacy law (called GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation).

Of course I’ve fixed several smaller issues that were reported by users or found by myself.