What’s new in version 2.9?

Yeah I just pushed-out version 2.9. In this blogpost you can read what’s new.

The biggest change has not really something to do with Structured Data. In this version I’ve focused on getting more ratings on CodeCanyon from you, my beloved customers!

It’s all about the ratings!

So after about 2 weeks of using the plugin, you’ll be asked to rate the plugin on CodeCanyon.

Normally, I shouldn’t have to explain myself but anyway: I guess you all know that happy customers are always quiet. If they like something you don’t here back from them.

Only unhappy customers rate

Only customers who are unhappy and/or frustrated tend to give vent to their anger by give a bad rating on CodeCanyon. So what happens is that 95% of all customers are happy but the plugin – over time – gets a lot of bad ratings because all the happy customers do not rate.

This is super negative for me, because new customers who are ready to buy only see the bad ratings. So they might not buy because of these ratings. However, the ratings shown do not reflect the overall customer satisfaction.

What then happens is that I do not get as much purchases as I need. Therefore I cannot spend more time to make this plugin better and/or provide security fixes. This is bad for me and for you alike.

What’s the solution?

Please help by rate the plugin!

If you haven’t rated already, please show some love and rate the plugin on CodeCanyon! 🥰

(You must be logged-in to get redirected to the download page where you can rate.)

Other plugin changes

Of course there were some fixes, too:

  • There was an issue in the new loop functionality that did not gather the right terms. So this has been fixed an your breadcrumbs should show the right crumbs!
  • The global snippets overview showed the snippet ID on the “predefined” column which was wrong.
  • One user reported an issue where he could not activate (nor use) the plugin because there was an issue with WPML and some web server configurations. This has been fixed, too!