What’s next in SNIP? (Dec. 2020)

I grant you that: It was a bit quiet around the plugin over the past year. The reason was the work on other projects, which are now finished. So the development continues at full speed. And these are my plans for SNIP:

Many of you have already asked if it’s possible to get better UX, meaning that Structured Data Generator can be a little more “beautiful”. Yes, and I’m working on that. I already have a very early alpha version running locally but there is still some development needed.

What you want

In the meantime I’m still listening to you. The top most wanted features are:

  1. Live validation.
  2. Auto-check for posts that produce errors.
  3. Cleaning up old microdata.

#1 just got a bit harder because Google has discontinued the old Structured Data Test Tool and – as far as I know at this point in time – there is no new API. So there is no possibility for me to add this feature in the near future. 🙁

All the other features are not really hard to implement but it needs time. Remember: I’m still a one-man show here. And I also need to focus on marketing and other stuff to keep ongoing sales (which has been more difficult for me during the last couple of months).

What I need to do

Marketing is really something that I don’t enjoy very much. However it needs to be done. And so I worked on a free version of SNIP that hopefully can make it into the WordPress.org plugin directory till the end of 2020.

If you have any tipps on how to get marketing better (and to keep SNIP a lifetime-license plugin), please let me know. If I don’t succeed in increasing sales in the next six months, I will probably have to go with to a subscription system. I know… you don’t want to hear that. Me neither. We’ll see what the future brings.

Next up

To sum it all up here is what’s next:

  • Free version launch [Marketing].
  • Maybe some fixes and improvements of the free version [Marketing].
  • Setup Wizard launch [Marketing].

Stay tuned! And stay healthy!