WTF, a new competitor?

From time to time I suffer from low sales in a month. I don’t know really why this happens. Sometimes it’s seasonal, sometimes … well I don’t know. Even if you keep an eye on the numbers, you often can’t tell why that is. Because they usually always remain the same. But what if there is a new competitor in town?

Short info: This is another post about my plugin journey that I would like to share with you. I’ve read the book Traffic Secrets by Russel Brunson and he wrote that it’s a good idea to share my story. That is what I’m doing now.

As I think, this is also a very good idea to show with the customers that there is a personality behind the product. Often that is not the case. For example, my new competitor on CodeCanyon, which has been active for a month. There is no “About us” and there is no imprint (which is required for all websites that offer services in Germany and some other states of the EU) on their page. Would you trust them? I don’t but apparently trust is not needed at all, because CodeCanyon has a good reputation. And that’s what counts in this business.

Admittedly, I didn’t notice that I’ve a new competitor. Basically, it offers the same plugin, has about the same feature set, and the same price. And it’s stealing some sales from me. With the low sales I can’t continue for a long term. It’s no longer profitable for me then. I know that my current customers don’t want to hear that but the truth is just that.

Time to fight!

But enough falling apart in self-pity. Now it’s time to fight. The new plugin has made a battle statement and I will not give up for now. The market should be big enough. Just take a look at the download numbers at some of the schema plugins. They have download numbers between 50k and 100k. My plugins is at 3k. So… there is much room.

What’s up next?

In my last post I wrote that I wanted to make the plugin more easy to use. For this I’ll introduce a new Setup Wizard that I’m currently working on. Tough job considering I’m also a dad and have to babysit for half a day. (But that’s also nice. Because I like spending time with my son.)

Yes, these are definitely challenging days. You know what? There is always a challenge. And you grow with it, right? If I wasn’t “affected” by a competitor right now, it would probably be Covid19. 😆