End of Frustration.

Finally! It’s done and I’m extremely proud to announce that my first big license sale had a happy end. A company from the USA bought 200 licenses via CodeCanyon. This allows me to continue working on SNIP. Yeah!

The title couldn’t be more appropriate: “End of Frustration”. It took over a week before the deal was finally confirmed. I’m determined to get in touch with CodeCanyon to explain the situation in more detail. At the same time I want to find out if multi-licenses will be part of the system at some point. I don’t believe it, because Envato is relatively slow, but I think it’s worth a try, isn’t it?

As a reminder: My postings in the category “My Plugin Journey” are inspired by the book Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson. A very recommendable book, even if I can’t or couldn’t implement all his todos yet.

Continue to use the flow

Yesterday I used my “coding flow” to make SNIP compatible with ACF. I’m not quite done yet, because I want to integrate the repeater fields, but the first step is done. And it was really great to integrate a new feature into SNIP again, which didn’t have such a long development time (unlike the setup wizard).

What’s next?

Programming-wise I want to concentrate on the things I described in the article “What’s new in 2.24?“. Otherwise, I’ll continue with the Sales Funnel, which I actually wanted to finalize this week. Never mind… next week then! On top of that, as described above, I need to get in touch with Envato. At their 2019 Summit, I was able to get to know some more employees, which I now want to get back to here. Let’s see if they can and may give out a private gossip.

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