Error on RDNS

In some cases the plugin may report an “Error on RDNS”. In this post I’ll cover what that means.

Requirement: a connection to the internet

As stated on the plugins requirement page, SNIP needs an activate connection to the internet. This is because it looks up schema properties and classes via the API that is provided by

This requirement is met by almost every website. This is due to the simple fact that every web server is connected to the Internet, otherwise it could not deliver web pages.

Requirement: reachable from the internet

When SNIP generates an API call to, it sends your purchase code with it. will check if that purchase code is valid and sends back the required data. If the purchase code is not correct, you will not get any data back. In this case you’ll get an error that says that Envato did not return any correct item information and/or that the purchase code is tied to another host.

Due to the fact that Envato only allows to install the plugin on one domain, I also check if the purchase code belongs to the correct domain name. If this is not the case, you’ll get the “Error on RDNS” error.