First Impressions of the new Setup Wizard

I’ve just sent out an email to all subscribers to inform everyone about the things that are currently going on in my day-to-day job of making SNIP better and better. Of course I also want to keep everyone else up to date with the latest news. That’s why this blog post exists.

As mentioned in my last post I’m concentrating on two things:

  • Live Validation
  • Setup Wizard

I’m currently focusing on the Setup Wizard. That has two reasons:

  1. It seems that more and more people with no technical background jumping on the train of structured data. They struggle with setting things up because they don’t understand how everything works.
    Sadly they do not watch the Structured Data Course that I provide for free and give me a bad rating on CodeCanyon. To avoid that I want to help those people to get everything up and running using the Setup Wizard.
  2. I can totally understand that Structured Data is still a very technical topic. So I’m constantly thinking about the process of creating them and I totally think that a Setup Wizard can give people a “quick win” after they have installed the plugin.

What the Structured Data Wizard is all about

The Setup Wizard should help people to get started in minutes by just selecting the Rich Snippets that they want. Look at the GIF below to see how my prototype looks like.

A GIF that shows different Rich Snippets in the new Setup Wizard when hovering with the mouse.

What the Structured Data Wizard is NOT

This also means that the Setup Wizard – at this current state – can only help with setting up Structured Data that produce Rich Snippet in search results. This should help people getting the feeling of a “quick win” that I’ve mentioned above.

Side Effects

A very nice side effect is that I’m currently working with ReactJS to build the wizard. React is a Framework to make the development of complex things more easy. And the Structured Data Generator totally is such a beast.

So in the future the Generator will also be developed using this Framework but it’s still some work to do.

That’s it! Stay tuned! 😉