WordCamp Europe is over. What’s next?

Last week I attended WordCamp Europe in Berlin. WordCamps are conferences that focus on everything WordPress-related. It’s not only for developers, by the way. You should go to one that is close to your home town as well!

Envato WorldWide and WordCamp Europe conference tickets.
Conference tickets.

More than 2500 WordPressers came together in Berlin to watch talks and meet old and new friends.

I also attended Envato WorldWide. That is a conference only for authors on the Envato stores. And as you may know, I sell SNIP exclusively on CodeCanyon (which is an Envato store as well).

So after almost one week of conferences, talks and meetups I’m now back home to work on SNIP full time again.

I’m sure you’d like to know what’s next. I’ve picked the one feature request that has the most votes. And that is Live Validation.

But that’s not the only thing. I’m constantly thinking how I can improve SNIP even for those people how don’t know anything about Structured Data. What I had in my mind for a long time is a setup wizard – at least for those Structured Data Types that produce a Rich Snippet in search results.

I also keep an eye on the import/export feature. Since version 2.13 it’s possible import/export snippets one-by-one. But I also want to integrate a functionality that lets you import/export all Global Snippets at once.

To keep it short, here is what’s next:

  • Live Validation of a Snippet
  • Setup Wizard
  • Import/Export

Stay tuned!