Freedom of thought & making plans

It’s been two weeks since I published the last article. I had vacation. If you can call it that. Because actually I haven’t had a real vacation for a long time. So neither this time. In this blog post you can read why the ” break ” was good for me anyway …

Away from the screen for more reflection

In the last article I reported about my flow state. Shortly after, I took two weeks of “vacation”. Vacation in the sense that I didn’t want to sit in front of the screen. Simply to switch off, do something else and reset my brain, so to speak. To clear my mind.

Basically, I did two things: Since my wife and I are getting a new office, I was at the construction site almost every day. Since I originally learned to be an electrician and am not entirely clumsy with my hands, I did quite a bit of preliminary work there. The plans for a new office have been there for months. But due to the permanent lock-downs it is difficult to order material. Good that you can order most of it online …

Secondly, I took the opportunity to think about what to do next. With SNIP, with my projects and what else I want to do in life. A few books helped me a lot with that. But ultimately also just thinking about the current and future situation.

I don’t want to report here long and wide about what finally came out of it (because a lot of it has nothing to do with SNIP and the plugin). Therefore only this: I will continue to try the next three months to further push my original goal to double my traffic. I don’t think that doubling my traffic will necessarily lead to doubling my sales, but I still want to keep working at it. Not only because making permanent progress will eventually lead to other ideas I want to pursue (like setting up a sales funnel).

I still doubt if the decision to stay with CodeCanyon for the time being was the right one (among other things because the platform still hasn’t managed to update its data, which is almost a joke by now). But I’ll put the idea aside for three months. After that I can evaluate again.

Support and much further development

At least I can tell you this much: SNIP will (of course) continue to exist. In the coming months I will (again) concentrate on the further development. Among other things I got some feature requests in the last two weeks, which I want to implement.

Very cool!

What’s next?