I want to share my journey about getting more traffic

Hey guys, I hope you’re doing well on this fourth of January 2021. I’m writing this blog post because I’m currently reading the Book Traffic Secrets from Russel Brunson. In his book, he writes that you should share your journey of you and your product. And why not take that as a good New Year’s resolution? And this blog post marks the starting point.

Over the past year, I’ve pretty much not gotten around to blogging at all. The reason for this is also my newborn son, who will soon be one year old. In addition, I had a big project, but which unfortunately fizzled out in the middle of the year. Although I got the advice (to write blog posts) from a book, I also personally think that my journey could help you because SNIP is about (technical) SEO and my goal (see below) will also be about SEO. So it could be super interesting for you, too!

SNIP, SNIP, SNIP: The goal

Anyway. I have decided to work more on SNIP in 2021. Working on it also means that I want to make more money out of it. To give specific numbers: Traffic on CodeCanyon should double in the next six months. Because then my turnover would also double.

It’s all about traffic, right? You can have a super shiny product but without the traffic noone will ever buy it.

Let’s jump right in:

Traffic from a Free Plugin?

Last year my idea was to create a free plugin out of SNIP so that I can gain more traffic from wordpress.org. Because of another side project, it took me almost half a year to split the plugin into PRO and FREE version. Just before Christmas it finally went online. Wohoo! 🥳

However, the shot backfired. Until now, at least. Because my sales didn’t go up and the downloads of the free plugin are super slow. The download numbers are hanging around 20 installations as of writing this blog posting.

SNIP free download stats since it went online.

The question now is: How can I attract more people to try SNIP? One thing I want to do is to optimize the landing page on wordpress.org so that it shows up for the keyword “structured data” on the search list. Currently its on page 2.

I asked several people in my Mastermind group about feedback and got back some decent advice, one from a designer and another one from a salesman. That’s good advice I want to follow.

Optimize the landing-page

So the next todo on my list is: Optimizing the Landingpage of my Structured Data Plugin for WordPress. This is how it looks now:

SNIP landingpage layout from January 2021.

I will not go into details for now. I’ll definitely share the status with my next blog post.

That’s it for the first blog post in this category! I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my journey with the plugin.

If you have any ideas on the topic above (make the landingpage on w.org) better, let me know in the comments!