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If you’re new to the Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin, this page may help you.

Version 1.

All Versions < 2.x are outdated and should no longer be used.

Pre Sales Questions

What is Schema Markup, Rich Snippets and/or Rich Search Results? (Video, english)

Can I create structured data automatically from post content?

Version 2 Basics

How to add Rich Snippets to a blog post (Video german/english)

How to reference to something in the text editor. -> Referencing to current post content and custom ID is deprecated. How to update.

How to generate an image (sub)snippet in global schemas for the main thumbnail

How to properly create a rating to a thing

How to make global snippet properties overridable in each post

How to make properties overridable multiple times / Structured Data Basics

What is the hentry CSS class?

Fix missing logo URL error on publisher information

What are Global Snippets?

Can I use multiple snippets on the same page?

How to tell search engines which of the snippets is the main snippet on a page

How to delete a snippet from a single, page or custom post type.

Google Rich Snippet Examples

How to build a proper LocalBusiness Rich Snippet

Search Engine Related topics

When do Rich Snippets show up in search results?


Does the plugin work with WooCommerce?

Can the plugin remove snippets / created by WooCommerce?

How can I modify the WooCommerce snippets?

How to set up a Rich Snippet for a Product with WooCommerce

Special Snippets

(That don’t necessarily transform to Rich Snippets on search engines)

How to build a Question-And-Answer snippet

Third Party Plugins and Themes

Does this plugin work with All In One WP Security?

Is the plugin compatible with the theme “Avada”?

Does the plugin work with PageBuilders?

Can I use Yoast SEO title and description?

Can I use the plugin together with WP Ultimate Recipe?

Other topics

I get an error that the domain is tied to another host.

How can I update the plugin?

How to give special user roles the right to manage global snippets

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