What’s new in 2.25?

Last week I already updated the plugin to version 2.25. Here is what is new.

ACF support

Probably the most significant new feature is the almost complete support of Advanced Custom Fields. I have already integrated the support of most fields in version 2.24. Version 2.25 now provides the integration for repeater fields, too.

What’s up next?

I still have three main focus areas:

  1. An automatic review report when there are errors in a snippet.
  2. An easier way to copy snippets from post to post.
  3. A better support for data types.

Next I’ll focus on #2 as #1 is still a problem. Remember: Google has deprecated its Structured Data Test Tool on their end (together with the API) but it will move over to a new home: schema.org. It took longer than I thought, but as I heard on Twitter, the first beta version of the tool is now online. I have yet to look into the tool and see if there is an API that could be connected to SNIP.