What’s new in version 2.10?

Hurray! Today marks the day of the 10th major update of SNIP, the number one Structured Data Plugin for WordPress! Read on to find out what’s new in this version!

Features you love!

The best on almost all updates that I make is: almost every functionality that comes to SNIP is inspired by your ideas and your feature requests! That’s awesome! This makes sure that you get the functionality you need and use the most!

Thanks for sharing all your ideas and please: keep on doing this to make this plugin even better! Thank you!

The changes

And here they are, the changes and improvements in version 2.10:

Fallback image

I think almost everyone is using the global Article Schema that comes shipped with the SNIP. One of the major problems of that Global Snippet was that the image property sometimes throw an error on Googles Structured Data Test Tool if you didn’t define a thumbnail image.

Now that’s solved! If you’re using Yoast SEO you can now fetch the first image found in a post to include its URL into a Global Schema. For this, just select “First Image in Content”. That’s it!

The global Article Schema has been updated accordingly!

Options from the options table

With the new field type “Option” it’s now possible to include data from the WordPress options database table! That is useful if you want to add data from the themes settings, for example.

Accessing arrays and objects

The field types “Post meta” and “Options” now support arrows to access complex data in those database fields. That now allows you to integrate even more third party values. Read more about how to work with custom fields.

Use more terms

In the latest version it’s possible to integrate a posts terms (like categories or tags) as a comma separated list into properties. The predefined Article schema now integrates the list of terms into the “keywords” property.

New ruleset

Another feature that was requested is to allow to target sub-categories. That’s also possible within the latest version. Just create a rule like the follwing:

Child terms of - equals to - {Your Category}

Language Updates

Our friends from CG-Team translated the whole plugin to the Persian language! Thank you guys!