What’s new in version 2.11 and 2.12?

Another cool update has just been pushed out. Here is what has changed during the last two versions for SNIP, the Structured Data Plugin for WordPress:

Version 2.11:

The 2.11 update was all about caching. A customer pointed out that the caching-mechanism writes too much values into the database. This has been fixed.

Plus: It’s now possible to completely deactivate the caching mechanism in SNIP. This is particular interesting if you’re already using a caching plugin (like WP Super Cache or any other).

Version 2.12.

In Version 2.12 I have added a few new fields that are only available for WooCommerce users. In particular these fields are:

New fields for WooCommerce

  • Currency Code
  • Product Price
  • Sales Price
  • Sales End Date
  • Sales Start Date
  • Sales End Date and Time
  • Sales Start Date and Time
  • Stock Number
  • Weight Unit

(Also see the picture below)

New loop: WooCommerce variations

Since 2.12. it’s also possible to loop through product variations. This is particular interesting for everyone who wants to build their own Offer schema in a product.

The new loop functionality was introduced in version 2.8.0.

Yoast SEO Update

Yoast has also started to use Structured Data since version 11.0. However you can still not create your own schemas. You still need to integrate PHP code. If you want to deactivate the Structured Data generated by Yoast SEO, I got you covered! 😉

What’s next?

IF nothing weird happens I will now focus on the import/export feature a lot of customers have requested. Wohoo!

Thanks for using SNIP!