Does the plugin work with WooCommerce?

Yes, there is a built-in support for it. WooCommerce creates Structured Data on its own. My plugin gives you the opportunity to remove structured data from WooCommerce so that you can create your own.

I highly recommend read my post about Schema for WooCommerce. It explains in every detail what you need to know. There is also a very detailed post about how to create Rich Snippets for WooCommerce products that you should read once you use SNIP.

Also note that it’s sometimes not possible to get rid of all warnings in your product snippets. Please read also: Difference between warnings and errors in Googles Structured Data Test Tool.

This is what has changed during the latest updates of the SNIP plugin regarding WooCommerce compatibility:

  • Since version 2.2. you can now add things like ‘offers’ directly when creating snippets. The data then comes from the WooCommerce products directly.
  • Since 2.5.0 it’s possible to add product attributes to snippets as well.
  • Since 2.8.0 you can loop through products. That’s nice for creating ListItems for category pages.
  • Since 2.10.0 you can access even more post meta data (that includes WooCommerce data as well)
  • In Version 2.11.0 you are able to loop through variable products, too.