Working towards the new Setup Wizard

Hóla! <- That’s Spanish. Would you have known? Languages is one of the things that has been on my mind since last week. And the new setup wizard. I already launched part of it (the Global Snippets Setup Wizard) but SNIP is supposed to be even easier. Here’s what’s going on with this.

By the way: This is another blogpost about plugin journey. I read the book Traffic Secrets by Russel Brunson where he mentions that it would be a good idea to share his story with my readers. That’s exactly what I’m doing here. And this post is about. two things: languages and the Setup Wizard.

Too many things at once

I don’t know why but apparently I have a fable for domains. When I have a new idea, the domain is bought immediately. Maybe it’s just the inner problem of not knowing where I want to go with my projects.

In short: I have always owned a few domains which I would like to use all at the same time. That this is not possible (anymore) is proven by my son, who will soon be one year old and with whom I spend a lot of time. So much time, in fact, that I’ve either had to give up some of my projects altogether (i.e., delete them!) or reduced the amount of work I do. Apart from that, I still think I have too many projects. That’s probably also the reason why I decided to start my plugin journey for the next six months. The focus on a single goal so to speak.

Doubling my traffic on CodeCanyon is my goal. Along with that, of course, doubling sales and revenue. But I already mentioned that in the first post of my plugin journey.

The Setup Wizard

In short, everything currently revolves around one topic: More traffic! More visitors! This led me to put a free version of SNIP – the Structured Data and Schema WordPress Plugin – online at the end of last year. But with only 50 installations at the moment, the success is still to come. (Oh… and just now I see that I have only 40 installations today. How does that work?)

Well. To make it short: I want to make the plugin even easier to use. That’s why I’m in the process of building a really ingenious setup wizard that should help new users to get started with structured data as quickly as possible.

Via Figma I have sketched a very rough setup wizard prototype:

SNIP Setup Wizard Protoype

I know, the layout still looks really bad. But it is only a very rough representation of what I want to do:

  1. Ask the user if he already has previous knowledge with structured data.
  2. Show the corresponding schemas with examples.
  3. And then load the individual schemas, asking for specific basic data for each schema, which must be filled in manually.
  4. At the end I would like to add the users to an email list. I have two ideas for this:
    1. I might write a small script that takes screenshoots of the appearance of the search results on Google to get a before-and-after picture, so to speak. The user would then be notified after a certain time.
    2. Or I direct them into a sales funnel that will look different, depending on their knowledge.

Probably the latter would be the better alternative, because the former causes a lot of work and I can’t really make money with it. On the other hand, I guess a certain WOW effect is guaranteed.

What do you think? Feel free to email me at info [at] wp – buddy [dot] com.

I started programming the new setup wizard today. Let’s see where this will lead.


The second topic is of course blogposts. I like to write and so it felt good to blog more in the first place. This blog series isn’t really that difficult to write for me either (which is how Russel Brunson intended it to be).

Now, though, I want to go back to the story from the very beginning. You know: the one with the many domains. Among others, I own the domain There everything comes together what fits to the topic WordPress. Since I never really blogged there regularly, I had the idea to translate some of the pages of into German. But I didn’t get myself a translation plugin. No. I put the content on instead.

Was that a mistake? Well, you never know. But I don’t think it necessarily helps people find the SNIP brand better. Although both domains come from the same owner (me). So I see more of a bit of confusion.

Anyway: I have now decided to install a plugin after all. Namely Polylang. With it, I now maintain the content from that fits the theme here at

Even more traffic

In addition, I have decided to write at least one blogpost per week on a niche keyword and then build backlinks. I will of course describe in a later blogpost of this series how my tactics will look like.

That’s it for now. Until the next blogpost (probably on Thursday).