Can I use the plugin together with WP Ultimate Recipe?

Partially. There is no built-in support for this plugin in SNIP, but read on. I was able to test the free as well as the premium plugin (thanks to Mohamed).

How to include recipe parameters added to the plugin

a) First of all, create a Rich Snippet for a product.

b) Make sure it will only be included on “recipe” post type pages:

The ruleset metabox of the snip plugin.
Make sure the post type is “recipe”.

c) As an example, add the name property.

d) Select “Post meta field” from the dropdown field.

e) Enter “recipe_title” (without quotes) into the text field that appears:

The name property for the recipe snippet.
Choose “Post Meta field”.

f)  Beside the recipe_title, you can also use the following parameters:

Which meta fields do not work?

Of course there is a recipe_ingredients meta field. However the data is saved serialized into the database. That means the snip plugin cannot read it without generating extra PHP code for it. So that means you have to code yourself and/or ask a developer to do it.

However you can also follow these two guides to add the recipe list separately. That also means that you have to enter the recipe list on two places:

How can I add values with two meta fields?

Unfortunately this is not possible with the plugin. Here is an example:

For the prepTime property you would need to include both: the recipe_prep_time as well as the recipe_prep_time_text so that the output would be something like “60 minutes”.

The problem is that the prepTime property needs to be transformed into ISO8601 Duration format. So the real output format would be something like “PT60M”. Of course that depends very much on the input variables (what recipe_prep_time and recipe_prep_time_text returns).