Goal achieved? 50% more traffic!

Sticking to the motto “Document, don’t create“, as I learned from Russell Brunson’s book Traffic Secrets, today I want to report what happened last week.

While I had time on Tuesday, I didn’t have the information necessary to write a blog post in the “Plugin journey” category.

Finishing work from my agency sale

As reported, I did have some stress last week (due to Envato) to do a 200-license super agency sale. The whole thing went well in the end, but I still had to do a bit of extra work. Because I had promised the agency to add some kind of master key function, so that they only had to use one license code.

The whole thing took a few more days, but it is now done and will be tested by the agency in the next few days. For SNIP, my structured data plugin for WordPress, there was also a corresponding update.

Place 1 at Envato

The 200 license sale made me number 1 in the weekly charts at Envato. As a result, I now actually get more than twice as much traffic as usual.

Graphic showing a doubling of traffic.

But here’s the thing: I would say that my sales are neither doubling nor increasing very much as a result. Very frustrating somehow! 😣

I’m sure I’ll be able to say more about this next week when I’ve analyzed the whole situation in more detail.

My brain is already working crazy again. Because if I can’t double sales when my traffic doubles, what about my original goal anyway? The doubling of my traffic? I had long suspected that the whole thing would not work that way.

On the other hand, you could also argue that the target audience doesn’t fit at all. Who knows? Can it even be tracked?

Sales Funnel

I am still working on my first sales funnel according to Brunson. I’m currently drafting the last email. I hope to be able to finish it next week.

I find the work on it quite exciting, because I really think that I – by the collected contents, which I created already – can help the future customers very well.

As I said, there might be new information about it at the end of next week.

What’s next?

I wanted to get in touch with Envato because of all the frustration I had with the agency sale. My mastermind buddies also suggested it to me. When I think about it, it always annoys me how little Envato does about it. I am also a customer of ConvertKit. When I sign up there, I’m always amazed at how much the guys do for customers. It ranges from free courses to webinars to give your own success a big boost. That’s awesome. I wonder why Envato doesn’t do that? After all, they would get significantly more revenue from it. Well… that’s another story.

Furthermore, next week I will have to deal with the second part of the ACF integration to integrate the repeater function into SNIP.